Amadea’s Story

Amadea with swollen belly, soon after being foundMy name is Amadea. I was born October 20, 2007. Not much is known about my father, except that he died during the first two years of my life. I don’t know what caused his death, but it did leave my mother destitute and without resources to care for me. Mother must have been very distraught, because on the eve of January 22, 2010, she placed me into a garbage dumpster and then took her life. The only thing she left with me was a note explaining the situation, and telling the world that she was about to commit suicide.

I cannot explain to you how many hours I spent in the rubbish container, but I know I spent the night there, and it was lonely and frightening, and eventually, early the next morning I began to cry. The sound of my voice must have carried to outside the dumpster, because eventually the lid was lifted, and a man picked me up and put me on the ground. He then took me to a place he called an orphanage, but the people there would not take me because I had no clothes.

Amadea with new momThe man took me back to where he had found me, put me back on the ground and took a picture of me. The man then took me into his apartment, and sat down at a thing he called a computer, and explained that he was writing a friend of his in a place he called America, to ask that friend for help. He sent my picture to this friend, and asked him for money to buy me clothes to take me back to the orphanage. Later he told me, that the friend in America had talked him out of that idea, and had persuaded him to take me in as his daughter. As far as the man went, I had no name, so he asked his friend in America to help select a name.

Amadea with new dadThe friend in America told the man that I must have felt very abandoned in the dumpster, and suggested that I be called Amadea, which means in Latin “Beloved by God”, so that I should never feel alone or unloved again. The man agreed, but insisted that I be named for his friend in America as well, and so my name became Amadea Dimah-Thomas. That is how my life first changed. The man had a wife, a nice lady, who bathed me and cleaned me up and fed me. The friend In America did send money for clothes, and I started to feel better, but I still did not know what would happen to me, and I was still frightened. The next day, the lady took me in her arm and held me for a long time, and I did not want to let go of her. They made quite a fuss over me, and kept taking photographs. I still did not know what was happening to me, and did not know if I would stay here, or if the man would bring me back to the dumpster.

African kids, Amadea, Agyei, Wisdom and Mercy The man and his wife had two children, great big, tall children. The children played with me and I liked them a lot. There was also a young man who seemed to be a friend of the family. Everyone called him Agyei. He would come and visit and hold me, and the big children, whom everyone called Mercy and Wisdom would crowd around us and hold me too.

Every day, Mercy and Wisdom would pack some books and food into a satchel and they would leave and not come back for many hours. I liked them both, and wanted to go with them but was not allowed to. Eventually I started crying every morning when they left. Some days later, the man told me that his friend in America had bought a dress for me, much like Mercy’s dress, and a little satchel, and that I would be allowed to go with them from then on. He called the dress a school uniform… I was very proud to be allowed to go with the big children to school.

Amadea going to school in new "dress"Two weeks after Isaac and Patricia took me in, I started feeling sick, and they took me to a man they called Doctor. The doctor told them I had malaria, and they took me to a place they called a hospital. I did not know it then, but I would be spending a great deal of time there in the next year. Eventually I felt better and came back home. I was very hungry, and Mom gave me something to eat… I recovered quickly, and still had a big appetite — also for cookies and ice cream!

As I was living there, people started to say how they could see that I was growing up. Mommy shaved my hair off and said it was because my hair was too tangled. She does people’s hair for a living, and said my hair would be better once it grew back.

Amadea at hospitalAfter 4 months with the family, Dad and Mommy decided to take me to a doctor to have my herniated navel repaired.  Here I am at the hospital after the surgery. Now my stomach is nice and flat!   Here I am with my big brother Wisdom.   Can you see my hair starting to grow back?

Amadea at dad's computer, hair's growing!I don’t have any toys, so I play with whatever I can.  Daddy’s computer is always a great thing to play with! I am still always hungry. I don’t remember if my real mother had enough food to keep me fed, but I sure am eating as if there hadn’t been enough before Isaac and Patricia took me in!

During all this time, Dad told me that his friend in America helped with the expenses to keep me fed and clothed and in school.   Dad told his friend that I had no toys, so the friend sent some money and suggested to Dad to get me some stuffed animals.   Amadea with her very first toy, a toy carDad wanted to buy me a stuffed gorilla, but I was afraid of it, so Dad got me this to play with!

At the end of June, 2010, I had been with the family for nearly six months.  One day I had trouble breathing.   Dad and Mommy took me back to the doctor.  The doctor told them I had liver trouble, and also asthma.  I have had to go to the hospital a number of times since.

When I am not sick or eating or playing with Daddy’s computer, I can be very bad.  Today I grabbed Mommy’s cell phone, ran into the kitchen with it, and threw it into a pot of boiling soup.   Mommy cried when she saw that I realized I had ruined her phone.  Daddy scolded me, and sulked and pouted.

Amadea waiting for dinnerI upset mommy with the phone thing, but I know she loves me.  She is always feeding me, and I am starting to look quite healthy
Mommy and Daddy always tell me that I am growing up to be a little lady. And I sit there thinking… Skip the compliments, just give me something to eat or drink!!!

Mommy is getting really big.  Daddy tells me I will have a baby brother or sister some time soon. In late September, my sister Mercy broke her wrist in a fall.  I was upset, so I ate some more to console myself.

October, 2010.   Exciting news!   Mommy and Daddy told me that they will adopt me!  I will have a real set of parents again.   It will be another four months of testimony and hearings and doctor’s opinions and social worker’s visits to the house, before everything is approved. I have heard Daddy tell Mommy, that his friend in America is paying for the expenses with the adoption.

Amadea's third birthday, at boti fallsMommy and Daddy took me to Boti Falls for my 3rd birthday on October 20.  I loved playing in the water and seeing the small fish swimming in the pools near the falls.

This is Amadea’s story so far.  Since her diagnosis with asthma, she has endured nine hospital visits, but she is growing and getting bigger and more adult with each month.

Amadea has been spoken for and is not available for adoption any longer, but countless other children in Ghana and Nigeria are.  Adoption laws for foreigners in both countries are strict and make the process difficult and uncertain.  However, your sponsorship of a child in his or her native country can get the child placed with a loving family like Amadea’s adoptive family, and can rescue not just the child’s life, but also his or her future from grinding poverty, disease, neglect and violence.   Please feel free to write, or to make a pledge of sponsorship.  One of our counselors will be glad to work with you to select a child that can have a better life thanks to your generosity, and to keep you posted on that child’s ongoing progress.

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