Oladapo Olaifa

My name is Oladapo Olaifa, I was born on the 11 of June 1983 in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

I was raised with single parent, me and my sister.  I didn’t grow to know my father, my mother raised me.  She was a sales attendant. I struggled to finished my elementary and secondary school due to lack of financial support.  My mum sometimes couldn’t provide my tuition fee in time because of her low income.

Oladapo OlaifaI graduated in secondary school at age of nineteen.   I started working at an eatery joint to support my family and to save for my university.  I entered university three years later and a session later I dropped out from university because of a new session fee that I could not afford and I didn’t have anyone to help me then.  Things were so tough then.

Six month later I met Mr. Thomas von Zabern on an internet site.  I told him everything and he agreed to help me through my education. I went back to university.

Two years later, to my surprise, it was discovered that I had leukemia.  I had to fight leukemia with the help of Mr. Thomas von Zabern over a year before God answered my prayers, here I am now, healthy and strong.

Mr. Thomas von Zabern gave me hope of my life.  He supported me financially and morally. I don’t know where I would be now if not for his help and God’s help.

Am back to school now to complete my university degree and to get a good job so that I will be able to help someone like me out there, who needs help to fulfill his/her own dream.

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