Richard Adeyemo

My name is Richard Oluseyi Adeyemo, born on the 23rd of December 1980 in Ondo town. Ondo state of Nigeria. Born by Late Chief Engineer A.O. Adeyemo.

Myself and my family moved to Ibadan in the year 1986. We reside at my Father’s residence at Number 11, Abayomi Estate, Old Ife road Ibadan.

Richard, ReadingAbout my late fatherChief Engineer A.O Adeyemo was a civil/construction engineer and worked several state and federal projects for the government in power through decades from 1970′s to early 80′s before the Military took over the administration in all sector of Nigeria. The federal republic of Nigeria during the regime of Sheu Shagari owed several millions of Naira to my Dad before the Military took over.

My father was married twice. I have half brothers and sisters. I lost my Dad on 30th of March 1998 to diabetes, stroke and cardiac arrest. My life as a determined young boy was very tough as every one had to fight for living and pursue a better education without the support of parent. My mother as a widow has 7 children and can no longer give support. My mom and Dad worked in the same field and they were both affected by the military takeover.

After leaving secondary school in the year 1998, I had earned 3 credits which was not sufficient to gain an access to College or University.  Over the years, I worked and saved and wrote SSCE 3 times before I made if to Kawara Polytechnic, self sponsoring myself working as a labourer at construction sites and block-making industries.

Working as a labourer was so harsh on me but I had to stick to it so I could at least earn a degree or a college certificate. In this process, I traveled to Otta Lagos/Ogun State for a freelance labour job and worked there, lived in bushes for 6 months only to return home with injuries and cuts.. earning less than 5,000 Naira which was unable to pay for a semester fee at the Polytechnic. I tried working part time as a distributor for a sub-marketer of A Johnson Publisher and also joined another distributor for Procter and amble (P&G).

All these efforts only helped me to second year in college and at that point, I needed more funding for my college and there was no one to give a hand of help so I dropped out. I decided to go for online and pursue distant-learning Education which helped me to earn some basic knowledge of website designing and what little knew about travel agency.

I met Thomas Von Zabern (My God sent Dad and a Hero) 3 years ago. Without knowing me by background, he picked me up and gave me hopes and support periodically. He gave me money to pay for my transcript, rent. I had Malaria and Typhoid; he paid for my treatment and gave me health tips to stay out of attacks and stay healthy. He helped me to earn a knowledge in the travel industry by enrolling me to Skywalker Training Institute where I had a IATA and UFTAA beginner course which have since enabled me to work as a consultant for travel agencies.

I am a Migraine and Arthritis Patient and he pays for my treatment monthly, just for me to stay healthy and fit. He has done such much in my life and promise to do more till I am independent. There is a lot to tell about myself which I can’t remember now. With time I will write more about my past. Thanks for being so wonderful.

My wish now is to be named After you Dad. I want to be called “Richard Oluseyi Von Zabern”. I hope you can help me achieve this with time Dad.

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